Make money with a Blog

How to make money with a blog / website

Making money with a blog is not an easy job. Beware of who ensures high earnings with little effort, because very often it takes much time and hard work in order for a blog or website to become profitable.

You have to have passion for what you write on the blog, the content must be interesting and useful, in order to attract followers and increase the chances of making some money with your blog / website.

You should also have some good knowledge on how to advertise your blog, how to dblog-guadagnogreenirect people to the blog and how to boost its position in the various online search engines (SEO).

But once our blog is up and running, how can we make money with it?

  1. With Google Adsense – it is a good earning opportunity for websites of all sizes. Google inserts advertisements for goods and services related to your site’s content and aimed at people who visit your pages. In return, you will receive a small sum of money when the advertisements are displayed on your page and clicked.
  2. With the various affiliate programs – to become an affiliate you have to simply sign up for an affiliate program, copy the links and banners that sponsor products and services and place them on your website, or you can include the affiliate links in your mailing list. Both the links and the banners are easily identifiable because a part of their code identifies a specific affiliate. This system makes it possible to precisely trace the traffic generated by each affiliate, so you know exactly how many sales a particular affiliate has brought to the company. As compensation of sales the affiliates receives a commission, which is equal to a percentage established by each affiliate program.

You can earn by joining:

Affiliate networks, such as:

  • Effiliation
  • Tradedoubler
  • Affiliation Partner
  • Public Idées
  • Payclick
  • Clickpoint
  • Goldaffiliation
  • Zanox
  • Worldfilia
  • AdvFast
  • TradeTracke etc.

Or niche affiliate programs, such as:

  • Amazon
  • E-bay
  • Zalando etc


    1. By writing articlesContent buying and selling on the web is one of the most common practices to make money online and there are some platforms / marketplaces that allow you to register your website and monetize it by selling the content published within your website. You can also write niche specific articles for other websites and be paid for it.

SeedingUp | Digital Content Marketing

One of these platforms is SeedingUp, which was originally founded as a platform for companies that deal with link building and that over the years has evolved and became Digital Content Marketing Platform. SeedingUp is a marketplace that links publishers and owners of websites with merchants or agencies who are in search of sites where to publish their content. The platform also allows you to make money with social networks and Facebook pages. The first thing you need to do is register, indicating the URL of your web site. The registration is free and once activated the account offers access to all the services within the SeedingUp platform.