Candlestick Charts – Engulfing Pattern


In our previous posts dedicated to candlestick charting we talked about the Hammer, Hanging Man and Doji patterns. Today we will continue the series about reversal patterns (reversal patterns usually indicate that a trend reversal is taking place) and introduce the Engulfing Pattern, also called Engulfing Line and which can be either Bearish or Bullish. … Read more

Candlestick Charts – Doji Line

In one of the previous articles we have introduced the Hammer and Hanging Man candlestick patterns. Today we will continue to talk about the reversal patterns (reversal patterns usually indicate that a trend reversal is taking place) that may end with a continuation of the existing trend or with its reversal in opposite direction) introducing … Read more

Candlestick Charts – Hammer and Hanging Man

A type of chart that is widely used in binary options trading and that better describes the price movements are the Candlestick charts, also called Japanese Candlestick charts. (You may also want to read Candlestick Charting – The Basics – Part 1). There are also important candlestick patterns. Every pattern represents the market trend in a … Read more

Candlestick Charting – The Basics – Part 1

Binary Options Trading can provide important amounts of financial satisfaction. Although considering the high risks related to this activity, it is necessary to have the right knowledge and experience. It is fundamental to know the main indices and to be able to read the charts in order to recognize the market trends and the best … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Trading Binary Options

There are many reasons why trading binary options may seem attractive as a part-time or full-time professional activity. Trading binary allows to be active on financial markets without engaging into traditional buy-and-hold investment.  Instead of waiting to profit from long-term market trends, binary trading allows to profit from short-time price-moves during both rising and falling … Read more