Recyclix – New Activity Updates


This post is born as a result of very tumultuous period for all Recyclix investors. I chose to wait a while before publishing it, hoping things could improve, but my duty is to keep you, fellow readers, update on the latest “news”. Recyclix – New Activity Update I used the word “new” instead of using … Read more

Get rewarded for recycling

Recycling became not only a matter of environment, but an economic incentive as well. First of all, let’s understand what is recycling, why is it so important and what can be recycled. What is Recycling? There are a few definitions of recycling: The activity or process of extracting and reusing useful substances found in waste. Materials that have been set apart from refuse so that they can be recycled. Conserving by reusing (directly or after reprocessing) such used materials as aluminum, glass and paper. Recycling basically involves turning used materials that are labelled … Read more