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In this post, I will explain how you can save 70% of your time online with a tool, which helps you automate your social media posts and marketing. Postpickr is an innovative and intuitive Italian-designed platform. Continue reading the review to find out how to use this tool to schedule the publication of your content on multiple social profiles simultaneously, and discover other useful features!

If you already have some blogging and Internet marketing experience, you certainly have had the chance to see how time-consuming it is to manage your social profiles.

And if you are a beginner, you need to know that in order to build a successful online business, you will have to be present on multiple social platforms and, over time, this can become really difficult.

I remember when first I started my online journey, I used to spend days posting on various social media profiles and pages and interacting with my followers. This did not allow me to invest enough time into creating content for my blogs, which instead must have higher priority.

Until one day, I was surfing the Wealthy Affiliate training platform (which has been assisting me on my online journey since 2016) and got to know the concept of social media automation. It involves using different online tools or downloadable applications, which allow you to schedule your posts on different channels and social profiles, to interact with your audience, to shorten your links with services such as Bitly, to automatically repost the same post and much more.

The advantages of using social media automation tools are:

  • significant time saving;
  • greater organization of contents;
  • a more constant and effective presence on social networks;
  • more time to dedicate to your website.

One of the most popular automation tools in Italy is Postpickr, which in a short period of time has managed to gain the trust of the best-known Italian digital marketing gurus, such as Valerio Fioretti, Riccardo Esposito, Robin Good, Alessandro Mazzù, Matteo Donnini and others.

Since its launch, PostPickr has not only gained the trust of the Italian expert marketers, but has also experienced a significant growth of international users.

What is Postpickr?


Postpickr was born about 6 years ago (in 2014), as a start-up, from an idea of ​​three guys from Puglia, Antonello Fratepietro, Maurizio Lotito and Maria Miracapillo, who created a small algorithm, which then became an innovative and intuitive app to automatically share content on social media.

Since its creation, Postpickr has managed to establish itself as an excellent product in Italy, counting more than 50,000 users. PostPickr is also reported as the best alternative to Hootsuite, Buffer, Crowdfire, Sprout Social and many other great social media platforms.

Now PostPickr is trying to expand worldwide and the team is currently running a closed beta testing of the English platform. The great thing is that you have the chance to use a free and fully functional English version of the Postpickr platform for the whole testing period.

This app targets:

  • small business owners,
  • bloggers,
  • professionals,
  • businesses and start-ups,
  • e-commerces,
  • Italian and non-Italian brands.

How it works and the main features of Postpickr

Postpickr allows you to simplify your tasks as an online entrepreneur, helping you manage your social media marketing, whether it is a single page or multiple profiles on multiple platforms. This application offers you the right solution according to your needs.

Here are the main features of PostPickr:

  • Scheduling and publishing of content on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn;
  • publishing on multiple social networks simultaneously;
  • scheduling posts in advance;
  • organization and management of content by topics, types or categories;
  • the ability to automatically import and share content from your favorite blogs and social networks, even while browsing the web;
  • the ability to automatically repost a post as many times as you want and according to your preferences;
  • integration of services such as Google My Business, Telegram, Pocket, Pixabay, Designbold, Giphy, Rebrandly and Bitly;
  • the possibility, therefore, to shorten links automatically using Rebrandly or Bitly services;
  • the ability to edit photos and attached images with an integrated photo editor;
  • the opportunity to collaborate and share the management of your Postpickr projects with your team or customers;
  • the ability to interact with your audience directly within the platform;
  • monitoring, analysis and measurement of the performance of your accounts and social profiles;
  • a mobile app to manage your social networks wherever you are.

This short video will help you understand how the Postpickr automation tool works and how to take your first steps on the platform. Unfortunately there is not yet a video available in English, but you can register to take part in the beta testing of the new English platform:

How much does PostPickr cost?

Postpickr offers a free plan and some paid plans.

Free version

The free version is excellent for beginner users and for those who want to learn more about the platform. It is also the perfect solution for beginner bloggers, who have yet to learn how to move online.

Paid versions

There are 4 paid solutions and they range from a minimum of €19 per month for 12 social channels to a maximum of €159 per month for 150 social channels. For all paid versions there is a 30-days free trial period (no credit card needed!), which is great as it allows you to discover all the features and see if that particular plan is suitable for your needs.

Here’s how the paid plans are structured:

Social channels
Social channels
Social channels
Social channels
Instagram Channels Included in Direct Publishing
Instagram Channels Included in Direct Publishing
Instagram Channels Included in Direct Publishing
Instagram Channels Included in Direct Publishing
Team members
Team members
Team members
Team members
Start your 30-days free trialStart your 30-days free trialStart your 30-days free trialStart your 30-days free trial

I must say that the €19/month plan is the optimal solution for those who have a blog and for those who do affiliate marketing. It is a small price which, compared to other similar competitor plans, offers much more.

PostPickr – the pros:

  • Helps reduce the workload.
  • Helps save time.
  • Intuitive and easy to use platform.
  • Ability to publish even when you are not physically at the computer.
  • Ability to publish on multiple social media simultaneously.
  • Ability to edit images directly from the platform.
  • Ability to shorten links.
  • Ability to create a calendar for automated publishing.
  • Existence of a free plan.
  • 30-days free trial period for paid plans.

PostPickr – the cons:

I have not found any, but if you have already used PostPickr and encountered any problems, let me know in the comments section below the article.

PostPickr support

When choosing any tool or service to use for our online professional activity, it is essential that we have efficient technical support.

Postpickr offers qualified assistance for all plans, including the free one, which is simply fantastic.

All paid plans can take advantage of technical support through a traceable and certified ticketing system integrated into the platform. Furthermore, the Advanced and Agency plans have the possibility to request assistance via telephone or Skype.

All this makes the platform even more reliable and easier to use.


Postpickr is one of the best tools for managing and automating existing online social media. This application, the result of Italian inventiveness and creativity, is becoming increasingly popular on the international level and occupies a prominent place among competitors in the sector.

Thanks to Potpickr you can easily schedule your posts on social media and publish them automatically whenever you prefer. This tool can help you make your blog and your brand known across social media, and promote your posts more effectively in order to achieve your goals faster.

Thanks for reading this review, which I hope you found useful, and if you want to compare Postpickr to other social media automation tools available online, read this article: How to Schedule Social Media Posts: 10 Best Automation Tools.

What do you think about PostPickr? Have you ever used it? Drop me a comment below, I would be happy if you wanted to share your experience with me.

And if you think this article could be useful to other people, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

Thanks again and good luck on your journey to financial freedom,

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