Bitcoin – Scammers List – Part 1

With the spread of bitcoin as a new alternative currency (you may aso want to read “Make Money With Bitcoin“), the number of scam sites i also increasing. And whether they offer bitcoin exchange services, bitcoin faucets or high yeld investment programs (HYIP), most of them are just well-designed scams. But learning to recognize them is not difficult at all.

Rule number 1 says: if you are offered something that seems too good to be true (too high profits, surreal exchange rates etc.), it probably isn’t and you are dealing with a scam.

Today we begin our collection of scam sites to avoid at all cost with a scammers list that starts from 0 to letter A. This list includes faucets, HYIPs, exchange services etc.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the list. See you soon and think twice before you say goodbye to your bitcoins forever.

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More interesting stuff to come ?

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