What Is Network Marketing: How Does It Work and Can You Make Money from It?


Network Marketing is one of the most wide-spread businesses among self-employed people. In this post I am going to be trying to explain what is Network Marketing, how does it work, and how much money can you make from it (if you can!). I guess that we all, at least once in our lifetime, have … Read more

My Free Bitcoin Faucet List


In this post I am going to present you my personal free bitcoin faucet list. These are some of my favourite faucets and so-called “tasks for bits” websites, that I personally use regularly. All of them are paying faucets, that have referral programs, bonuses and other offers, which can help you multiply your earnings.   … Read more

Recyclix – New Activity Updates


This post is born as a result of very tumultuous period for all Recyclix investors. I chose to wait a while before publishing it, hoping things could improve, but my duty is to keep you, fellow readers, update on the latest “news”. Recyclix – New Activity Update I used the word “new” instead of using … Read more

Candlestick Charts – Engulfing Pattern


In our previous posts dedicated to candlestick charting we talked about the Hammer, Hanging Man and Doji patterns. Today we will continue the series about reversal patterns (reversal patterns usually indicate that a trend reversal is taking place) and introduce the Engulfing Pattern, also called Engulfing Line and which can be either Bearish or Bullish. … Read more

Bitcoin – Scammers List – Part 5


Our list of bitcoin scammers continues with part 5 – letters G and H. (Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of our scammers list.) As we have already mentioned before, bitcoins are a type of cryptocurrency (digital currency) and, due to its decentralized character, bitcoin became a gold mine for scammers of all kind. … Read more

Candlestick Charts – Doji Line

In one of the previous articles we have introduced the Hammer and Hanging Man candlestick patterns. Today we will continue to talk about the reversal patterns (reversal patterns usually indicate that a trend reversal is taking place) that may end with a continuation of the existing trend or with its reversal in opposite direction) introducing … Read more

Work Online From Home: How To Make Money With A Hobby?

7 ways to make money online with a hobby

For years now, the world has been confronting with an unprecedented economic crisis, which has resulted in scary unemployment, and forced more and more people to search for a way to make money online. Yet, this is not the only reason why the Internet has become so popular lately. “Choose a job you love and … Read more

Candlestick Charts – Hammer and Hanging Man

A type of chart that is widely used in binary options trading and that better describes the price movements are the Candlestick charts, also called Japanese Candlestick charts. (You may also want to read Candlestick Charting – The Basics – Part 1). There are also important candlestick patterns. Every pattern represents the market trend in a … Read more