How to make money online with a hobby?

Our main purpose in life is to be happy, to live the life of our dreams, a life filled with joy, economic and spiritual wellnessTo have a job is a fundamental part of our life project and being able to make a living with a beloved activity (a hobby) is everyone’s dream.

But it doesn’t mean that dreams are impossible. The Internet makes them possible.

So how to make money online with a hobby?

There are several online platforms than can help you transform your hobby into an income generating activity.

Here are some examples:

A – If you love photography, you could get paid for taking photos:

There is a platform that allows you to sell your pictures to thousands of agencies online. It is called Photography Jobs Online.

The membership cost is $27, but you can have a 7 days trial membership paying just $1! The Photography Jobs Online membership includes:

  • Access to Database
  • Access to thousands of High-Paying work at home photography jobs – updated daily!
  • Access to thousands of High-Paying stock photo companies and online agencies
  • FREE The Basics of Photography Ebook
  • FREE 41 Digital Camera Tutorial Videos
  • FREE Premiere Photo Editing Software Package
  • Resources, Video Tutorials and Tools updated weekly!
  • Weekly Job updates!
  • Weekly Stock photo and agency updates!
  • Unlimited Private Coaching
  • Unlimited Access to Members Page
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Free Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads
  • Unlimited Income Opportunity
  • Make money or your money back! – 60 days No questions asked money back guarantee!




  • You can get paid from $1 to $150 per photo.
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Set your own working schedule!
  • All kinds of Photography jobs to choose from
  • Make money no matter where you are in the world!
  • No experience needed to join!

B – If you love writing:

In this case there would be two options:

1 – Seeding Up – if you already have a website (or blog)


  • free membership
  • multiligual platform (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German)

SeedingUp | Digital Content Marketing

We have already talked about Seeding Up in one of our previous posts. For more information about this platform please go here.

2 – Writing Jobs is another option if your hobby is writing. The platform is entirely in English and the membership is not free, it costs $27, but as in the case of Photography Jobs Online you can have a 7 days trial period for just $1 and there is the money back guarantee in case you don’t make money during the first two months of subscription.

The membership includes:

  • Access to Writing Jobs Database
  • Access to thousands of High-Paying work at home online writing jobs – updated daily!
  • FREE Tutorials on how to become a six-figure writing job freelancer
  • FREE Blogging Tools and Softwares
  • FREE Writing Softwares
  • FREE Electronic Sticky Notes Software
  • FREE Organizer Software
  • FREE Writing Manuals
  • FREE Ebooks
  • FREE Audiobooks
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Unlimited Income Opportunity
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  • Earn as much $30-$120 per hour
  • Get paid up to $50 per article
  • Get paid $500-$1,000 for short Ebooks
  • Get cash from 1,000’s of our daily high-paying writing jobs
  • All kinds of writing jobs from you to choose from
  • Flexible working hours, work when you want to
  • Write content anywhere in the world
  • No experience needed to join!

C – if you have other hobbies or interests:

In this case you may want to become an affiliate. There are many online affiliation platforms where you can choose your niche and promote it on your site / blog / social media (read more about affiliations here).

Here are some examples of affiliation platforms:


Trade Tracker


All of them are FREE to join.

Disadvantage: in order to join you must have a blog (website) where you are supposed to place your affiliate links and/or banners.

These are just some of the options you have to make money online with a hobby. We will keep posting about this argument in the future so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about new posts.


Thank you for reading and if you find this article useful, please comment below and share it so other people can benefit from it as well!

5 thoughts on “How to make money online with a hobby?

  1. Nice article 🙂
    I was looking for a way to make money from home.
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    This is a great way to make money online.(No scam )
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  2. Wow, hard to realize making money really can be that easy. Take pictures and sell them online, easy. I think a lot of people are unaware how much opportunity there is to make money online, just like how you have mentioned above. I think i may look more into this as I take tons of artistic type pictures with my phone everyday.

    1. I’m sure there are many more opportunities than the ones I’ve covered in this post and I’ll continue updating and adding to this list in the future. I think that if you are really good at something, Internet gives you all the necessary tools to succeed. Thank you for your comment, Erik!

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