How To Promote A New Blog: 4 Strategies

Building a blog and updating it regularly with new posts is not enough. You have to make it visible to your audience. There are some useful and effective strategies that can help you promote your new blog and increase the traffic to it.

Just like so many of you, when I started my fist blog, I had to learn the hard way that writing interesting posts is useless if nobody reads them. This is why we must get noticed in order to gain the public’s trust and to make people visit our website.

The more people come to our blog (this is called “traffic”), the more chances we have to reach our goals, in terms of sales, newsletter subscriptions, AdSense earnings (online ads) or other.

Checking Google Analytics’ Statistics can be quite frustrating sometimes, but the first thing to be aware of is that is takes some time for your blog to gain credibility and visibility. Don’t lose your patience and continue working hard, because you’re doing a great job and will surely be rewarded sooner or later!

‘The day you give up might be the day before you suceed.’ – Ed Rensi

There are many ways to get noticed, but in order to do that you have to follow these 4 STRATEGIES.

4 strategies to promote your new blog

  1. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
  2. The Content Strategy
  3. The Social Engagement Strategy
  4. The Advertisement Strategy

#1 – The SEO Strategy

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in search engine’s organic results through optimizing your pages with the keywords (keyword phrases) people are likely to search for.

what is search engine optimization seo

Whoever does a Google search and clicks on our link becomes part of the organic traffic.

Organic traffic is one of the best sources of traffic, that is why making your whole blog/website SEO friendly is very important. You can maximize your blog’s potential by following these rules:

  • Choosing the right popular keywords for your content. (there are many different online tools that you can use to search for the best keywords, such as: Jaaxy, Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool or the Google Keyword Tool);
  • Adding your keywords in your titles and meta descriptions;
  • Inserting your keywords in your headlines;
  • Increasing the number of backlinks (a.k.a. inbound links) – links your blog receives from other webpages;
  • Monitoring your blog’s performance with Google Analytics in order to see what works and what needs improvement.

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#2 – The Content Strategy

how to promote a new blog content strategy

Writing quality content is very important if you want your blog to be followed and appreciated.

Here’s what you can do in order to gain trust and authority:

  • Write high quality content, that is worth sharing and linking to. This will help build your reputation and drive more traffic to your site. You should write about trending topics, case studies or simply share interesting stories;
  • Make your headlines attractive – it can improve your rating on search engines and social media;
  • Use quality media (images and videos) and create infographics – visuals are very important and make your blog look attractive to visitors;
  • Consider becoming a guest blogger – guest contribution is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog/website. You can drive referral traffic from blogs relevant to yours and attract new visitors that share similar interests to yours.
  • Consider accepting guest bloggers from other websites – it can help you get more traffic and get ranked in Google for new keywords.

#3 – The Social Engagement Strategy

how to promote a new blog social media

Creating Social Profiles on the most popular social network platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Webtalk ecc., makes it easier to reach your potential visitors, to communicate with them and to encourage them to follow your blog/website. Here are a few ideas that could come in handy:

  • Share content and interact with your followers on a regular basis;
  • Communicate with industry leaders, engaging with them by leaving comments;
  • Participate in Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities
  • Be active in forums, that are related to your niche, and provide help to people – a good way to convince them to visit your blog;
  • Create videos and post them to YouTube – another traffic source worth of mention.

Another tip I would give is choose networks you are familiar with. Creating profiles on every existing social network is useless if you don’t follow and update them constantly.

It is better to focus on a couple of profiles on a constant basis, refreshing your content and interacting with your followers. This way you can get to know and monitor your audience better, and concentrate on quality, rather than waste your efforts and resources trying to keep track of all the existing social network platforms.


#4 – The Advertisement Strategy

how to promote a new blog ads

You can also use advertisement to bring traffic to your site:

  • Use Pay-per-Click internet advertising – the PPC Internet advertising will help you bring new visitors from search engines like Google. With Google Ads (ex Google Adwords) you pay a fixed price for every click your ad gets in the search engine. You can choose your keywords and the search engine helps you get your ad in front of your target market;
  • Facebook Ads – Considering that there are millions of people using Facebook every day, Facebook Ads will help you target better your potential followers by choosing among different options (location, age, interests, gender etc.).

There are also some free ways to advertise your blog:

  • Word of mouth.
  • Email marketing (like having a newsletter) – a great tool, considering that people need to be engaged multiple times before they make a decision; just give people good reasons to subscribe (great content, free e-books, insider information etc.) and continually send quality content so they don’t unsubscribe and return to your blog/website on a regular basis. This is a great way to establish a direct relationship with your readers and to reach them whenever you need to promote a new post or product.
  • Social News Sharing – Publish your blog posts on some social news platforms, like Reddit, Scoopit, Fark, Voat ecc.
  • Like-for-like platforms – these are websites where you can exchange traffic, followers and/or banners for free. Of course, this type of advertising is based on quantity, rather than quality, but sometimes quantity matters as well. Examples of like-for-like platforms: Like4Like, Hit4Hit, EasyHits4You, and AddMeFast.

If you want to monetize and make money with your blog, traffic is crucial. Adopting these strategies allows us to increase the visibility of our website, the number of visits to our posts and pages and, consequently, improve our earnings.

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